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Objectives of Establishment

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Changhua Reform School,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice admits all juvenile delinquents under the age of l8 of both sexes from local courts which declare judicially in accordance with juvenile delinquency to execute the rectification. The objectives of an organization for performing correctional education and disciplinary action are as follows:
  ※Influencing juvenile delinquents to repent and start anew by rectifying bad habitual behaviors.
  ※Vocational training to improve employment potential.
  ※Completing compulsory education by conducting extension classes.
  ※Assistance with readjustment to normal life in society after discharging from institute.
Boys: From Taichung to the counties and cities of Southern Taiwan, including Taitung, Penghu, Matzu, and Kinmen.
Girls: Students accommodated according to the decision of each juvenile court in Taiwan.
On August 1, 2019, "Chengjheng High School Changhua Branch" was established.
In 2017, the "National Conference on Judicial Reform for Office of the President".The Reform Schools should complete the work of Juvenile Correction Schools as soon as possible. After the Ministry of Justice invited the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education to jointly study the execution plan, the transitional stage before the Juvenile Correction School was completed. The Reform School was temporarily set up by the Correction Schools "Chengjheng High School" to assist in education.
Capacity: 580 juvenile delinquents.

On-campus scenery broadcast: a view of the administrative building, a view of the Lide Building, a view of the Hanhanpo, a scene of the Shude Building, and a view of the Boys' Complex

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