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Changhua Reform School , Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice(Chengjheng High School Changhua Branch):Back to homepage



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This institution is under "Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice", led by one director for overseeing matters of institution; underneath, there are positions for one secretary, deputy director in charge of management of general institutional services and documents viewing.
This institution has the following Sections and Offices: Educational Affairs Section,Discipline Section,Sanitation and Health Section,General Affair Section ,Personnel Office,Comptroller Office and Government Ethics Office. In addition, a committee of the reformatory is composed of directors from each office.
To provide services of vocational training, health/hygiene, psychological hygiene, and continued study, few commissions are established: Vocational Committee, Hygiene and Health Committee, Psychological Hygiene Committee, and Continued Study Committee. Members consisting of the first committee are non-profitable and they are enthusiasts for social work or specialists invited by the director.
On August 1st, 2019, the school set up "Chengjheng High School Changhua Branch", the secretary is also the director of the branch school, and the director is also the president of the branch school.
There are 93 official positions in the institution, and there are 8 technical worker, maintenance worker and driver budget posts..

The organization chart of the institution, detailing the contents of this webpage.

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