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01 Our school organizes student "Badminton Team Competition" 2024-06-21
02 Our school organizes "Volleyball Competition" 2024-05-27
03 Our school organizes the 113th Mother's Day telephone filial piety activity 2024-05-14
04 Our school organizes the 113th Mother’s Day Thanksgiving event 2024-05-14
05 Our school organizes the "Patriotic and Loved School Song Contest" 2024-03-27
06 Our school organizes the “Image and Text Selection” Competition on Caring for Parents, I Have Something to Say/Drawings to Say 2024-03-06
07 Our school organizes family Spring Festival greetings to warm and correct the hearts of young people 2024-02-16
08 Our school organizes the 113th Spring Festival telephone filial piety activity 2024-02-16
09 Our school organizes the "Themed Classroom Decoration" Competition for Character and Life Education 2024-02-15
10 Dreams take off, passionate showdown, first restructuring-Inspirational Middle School & Dongshan High School Basketball Friendly Match 2024-02-15
11 "Farewell to the mark and welcome to the rising sun"Record of Laser Tattoo Removal Activity 2024-01-18
12 The "Sparkling Stars" Student Comprehensive Talent 2024-01-04
13 The Beginning X Li Chi - Bringing Sports to Every Child, Illuminating Every Corner 2023-12-27
14 Skateboard Teaching, Regaining Courage 2023-12-27
15 Beauty Der Salon: Shaping Futures Through Practical English 2023-12-27
16 Campus Influenza Vaccination and Health Education Campaign 2023-12-01
17 Li-Zhi high school organizes the students' "1600-meter team relay race" 2023-11-29
18 Our school held the "Life Story Karaoke Singing Competition" 2023-11-06
19 Our school held a Mid-Autumn Festival Family Gathering Event. 2023-10-11
20 Our school organized the 112th Mid-Autumn Festival telephone filial piety activity 2023-10-06
21 First aid (CPR and AED) training for faculty and staff 2023-08-18
22 “Distinguished Citizens Society of Taichung City Chunghsuao, Sending love and support to the 'Inspiring Li-Zhi Dream Academy' to help students build their dreams." 2023-08-03
23 Our school hosts the "Volleyball Competition" for students 2023-08-03
24 Student "Restorative Life Drama Competition" 2023-07-03
25 "Laser Tattoo Removal Event: Embracing the Sunlight and Overcoming Regrets" 2023-06-28
26 Conduct "Watching Movies, Singing, and Telling Stories" literature lectures 2023-06-13
27 Mother's Day Phone Call 2023-05-25
28 Our school organizes the opening activity of "Inspirational Dream Academy" 2023-05-15
29 Li zhi School Girls Successfully Realized Their Dreams and Won the National Harmonica Ensemble Excellence Award 2023-04-07
30 Our school hosts the "3-on-3 Basketball Competition" for students 2023-04-07
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