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Our school organizes the "Mother's Day Card Writing Competition"

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Mother's Day Card Writing Competition

May is a season of warm and gratitude. In order to allow students to express their gratitude to their mothers and family members, the branch school will co-organize the "Mother's Day Card Writing Competition" on April 23, 2021, with the Changhua District Court and the Changhua County Children and Adolescent Care Association. "The competition is divided into junior high and high school two groups. Each class will conduct the preliminary competition first, and the top 5 will be selected to participate in the final. A total of 65 students will participate in this event.
Students express their true feelings through words and pictures, and the writing content is highly praised by the judges. The emotional expression is deep and exciting. The competition works are not only full of gratitude to mothers and family members, but also reflect from the heart and expectation, showing that children Is changing! I believe that through the teacher's teaching, combined with family support, the power of love will surely enable this group of young people to learn from their lost paths and re-emerge and stand firm in their lives.
The completed work will be presented to the most beloved mother in the Mother's Day kiss venue to express the most sincere filial piety in the heart. I hope that while promoting social distancing during the epidemic prevention, "love is unobstructed, true love is at zero distance."
※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

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