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Switchboard operator:+886-4-8742111
Inquiry for reception:+886-4-8746694
Appeal or accusation hot line:+886-4-8752570 or +886-4-8742111 extension number:208
Official LIND ID:@719elsrm or [Scan the QRcode below]
Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LiZhi.High.School or 【Scan the QRcode below】

Telephone and mailbox of each major units
Department E-mail Special line Extension number
Vice Principal office chrq@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8747150 102
Secretary office chrb@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8746875 103
Educational Affairs Division chre@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8748083 301(Director Of Academic Affairs)
303(Registrar Section)
304(Equipment Section)
302(Curriculum Section)
307(Special Education Section)
Student Affairs Office chrc@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8745211

401(Director Of Student Affairs)
417(Administration Section)
415(Roster Management)
417(Student Activities Section)

406(Documents & Files Section)

405(student's money)

Assistance and Guidance Section chrr@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8741192 501(Director Of Counseling)
505(Counseling Section)
General Affair Division chrz@mail.moj.gov.tw   201(Director Of General Affairs)
202、203、216(Purchase & Maintenance Section)
205(Cashier Section)
214(Governing Custody)
Guard Detachment chrf@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8756368 601(chief guard)
Nursing Room chrd@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8748084 701(Group leader)、702(School Nurse)
Accounting & Statistics Office chra@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8746071 112(Director Of Comptroller)、113-114(Assistant)
Government Ethics Office chrn@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8752570 105(Chief Civil Service Ethics Officer)
Personnel Office chrp@mail.moj.gov.tw +886-4-8742774 106(Director)、107-108(Assistant)

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