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  • Our school organizes the “Reading Experience” writing competition for students in the second quarter of 2021

    In order to cultivate students' interest in writing, develop good reading habits, improve concentration, observation, thinking, and expand their horizons, the branch will continue to hold the second quarter of 2021 student reading and writing competition on June 25.The class will handle the preliminary competition by itself, and 33 student representatives will be selected to participate in the final. There is no limit to the reading list of the competition. Students are free to choose good books, and then present their reading experience in more than 800 words, with "understanding and relevance (because of Reading changes, with a positive outlook on life)”, “paragraph structural integrity” and “writing fluency” are the scoring criteria.The reading book of students is wide and diverse. The collection of masters in the competition is hard to distinguish. In the end, the second-year food management student, Feng Yiliang, a senior counselor, wrote the book "Allow Yourself to Choose Love". Home" is full of warmth, telling myself "I am willing to take over my emotions, I am worthy of a better life, no matter how dark I still choose love, because love is by my side and is everywhere." The cosmetology student resonated with the author with the book "Rebirth" written by the rehabilitated Chen Huizhu. She felt that her father had always been with her and strengthened her determination to change, hoping to use all her life in the future. I love him and won the second place; the third place is based on reading author Hou Jiwen "My God! What did you do when you were 20?" He realized that facing the unsatisfactory life of life, there is no need to complain about fate. It is not fate but oneself that really decides.Through reading, students can develop their thoughtful thinking skills, inspire wisdom in subtle ways, enrich their hearts and inspire lives, and face the future with hope, courage and positive energy.※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

  • Our school handles 2021 Mother's Day telephone filial piety activities

    In order to let students express their thoughts and gratitude to their mothers and their families, the branch school organized the "Mother's Day Phone Filial Piety" activity on the afternoon of April 30, 2021. All students were admitted to participate in the activity, and a total of 254 students participated in this activity. .The activity is called in groups according to the class. The students grasp the time of the call, tell their mothers and wish their mothers a happy holiday in advance. The mother also encourages the children on the other side of the phone. They must abide by the school rules and follow the teacher’s guidance to make good changes. The students miss their families. Feelings rushed to my heart and my eyes were red. With a choked voice, he promised that his family would start a new life. The warm atmosphere of the venue spread and the true feelings were revealed everywhere.The smooth progress of this call for family members is due to the full support of Chunghwa Telecom’s Changhua Operations Office, which has set up free phones for students to use. Through the kind deeds of enterprises, students are encouraged to experience the hard work of their mothers and family members without complaint and remind students not to Forget about kindness.※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

  • Our school handles the 2021 Mother's Day celebration activities

    This year’s Spring Festival, due to the severe epidemic situation, we will stop handling face-to-face appointments. Although the domestic epidemic seems to be heating up recently, our branch school will take care of students’ mothers on May 5th and 6th 2021 in order to let students and their families express their thoughts. Festival face-to-face meeting with parents", so that students who miss their loved ones can share the family relationship with their parents.This activity is specially handled outdoors in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. At the entrance, family members are asked to scan the QR Code with their mobile phones to fill in the health declaration, measure their body temperature, disinfect their hands with alcohol, enter the campus to maintain a socially safe distance, and wear masks throughout. After the activity is over, the nurse will assist the students to disinfect with alcohol and then bring them back to the class, in order to prevent epidemic prevention breaches and protect campus safety.The scenes of middle school students and their long-lost relatives meeting warm embraces at the venue made this kindness activity even more warm and moving. To commemorate the kindness of mothers, our branch, in conjunction with the Changhua District Court and the Changhua County Children’s and Adolescent Care Association, organized a Mother’s Day card writing contest before the meeting. On the day of the meeting, we organized a card gifting activity for students. The feelings of the family members at the meeting were overwhelming and the scene was quite similar. Warm and touching.A total of 331 family members from all over Taiwan participated in the two-day event. In addition to encouraging students to spend their time to enrich themselves and encourage their future, the instructors of each class also served as communication between students and parents, encouraging teenagers to be grateful and cherishing their blessings, and reminding parents Participate in the child's growth process together and give full love, care and support. The activity ended successfully when the students were reluctant to say goodbye to each other with their families.※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417



Objectives of Establishment

Changhua Reform School,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice admits all juvenile delinquents under the age of l8 of both sexes from local courts which declare judicially in accordance with juvenile delinquency to execute the rectification. The objectives of an organization for performing correctional education and disciplinary action are as follows:  ※Influencing juvenile delinquents to repent and start anew by rectifying bad habitual behaviors.  ※Vocational training to improve employment po...


Cultivation counseling

Cultivation Counseling

In order to guarantee the students’ overall development, change their growing circumstance, adjust their characters and make them get used to the school life, give up bad habits and effectively reduce the negative impact of institutionalized treatment, our school adopt diverse and individual treatment and achieve the goal of cultivation model. Our school counseling consists : individual counseling, group counseling, volunteer counseling, and religious counseling. Besides, we adopt following 4 m...

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