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  • Our school organizes the "Starlight Glimmering" Student Comprehensive Talent Competition

    In order to inspire students' talent potential to develop their creativity, show their acting talents to increase self-confidence, guide a positive learning spirit, and cultivate a positive and focused attitude towards life, our school will hold the "Starlight Glittering" Student Comprehensive Talent Competition on September 27, 2022, with a total of 15 98 students in the class participated.The competition is based on whether the content of the performance is thought-provoking and motivating, skills and creativity as the scoring criteria, and the order of appearances will be determined by drawing lots. Before the competition, the students of each class collectively brainstormed to decide the performance project. After more than a month of preparation and practice, they looked forward to the opportunity to perform on the stage. All the students were trembling and used their skills and unique skills to present the best in front of the audience. , dance, singing, stage plays, musicals... The rich and diverse performances are brilliant, successful and eye-catching, sometimes impassioned; sometimes warm and emotional, the audience applauds, cheers and cheers one after another, and can't stop for a long time.At the end of the activity, Principal Lin Jiaru praised the students for their earnest and sincere performances for winning honors for the class, making the activity more colorful, and highly affirming the participating students, hoping that the students will maintain a positive and serious learning attitude on the road of future growth, and grasp the youth and youth. Good time, I believe that I will have unlimited possibilities in the future. This competition will be broadcast live throughout the whole process, and every wonderful picture will be sent to each class, so that the teachers and students of the whole school can participate in the activities normally even if the epidemic has not stopped.The undertaking unit of this case: Academic Affairs Office, 886-4-8742111#417

  • Our school organizes the "Free Optometry and Optometry" activity for students

    Most of the students in our school come from single-parent families or children who have been reared across generations. The family support and economic resources are weaker than ordinary children. Principal Lin Jiaru introduced the Changhua Guanyin Lotus Heart Charity Association and Changhua County in order to make these children continue to study without interruption and have clearer eyesight. The Optometrists (Students) Association will enter the school on September 13 and 14, 2022 to provide free optometry for all students in the school.When the students heard the news, they were overjoyed and asked their teachers for confirmation: "It's free! Is it true?" I can't believe that the warmth of the society also favors the youth who violated the law. On the day of the activity, firstly, the teacher will conduct vision health education and publicity to the students, so that the students can better understand the importance of eye protection, and then the optometrist will carefully conduct various examinations for each student, carefully measure the degree of myopia and flash, and speak softly. I asked, "Is this clearer?" I hope to create exclusive glasses for students, so that they can learn better with good eyesight. Finally, let them freely choose the style of the frame they like, satisfied Teenagers are eager to be different. Seeing the surprised, moved and happy expressions on the faces of the students is unprecedented. One of the students said to the sponsor of the event: "Thank you for your hard work, I will always remember it in my heart. "; another student said in a relaxed and grateful tone: "Finally, I don't have to ask my grandpa to help me with glasses. I know that he makes money very hard, and I don't want to cause him a burden."The smooth progress of this event is due to the generosity of social charitable enterprises. In addition to calling on the Changhua County Optometrists (Students) Association to jointly handle the event, "Baotian Co., Ltd. - Micro Hot Hills" presented each student with a box of exquisitely packaged Mid-autumn moon cakes make every student feel full of emotion and gratitude when they receive gifts.Principal Lin Jiaru promised the students during the activity, using hard study as the best gift to give back to the sponsors. The teachers of the school will give full love and care, and students will never be alone. She also encourages the students to be able to do so in the future. , must give back to the society, lend a helping hand to help those in need, and become a warm and kind person.※The organization and telephone number of this activity: Academic Affairs Office 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

  • Our school handles the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival telephone filial piety

    The Mid-autumn Festival is approaching. In order to prevent the new mutant strains from becoming poisonous and entering the correctional institution again, our school has suspended face-to-face kissing activities. On the 2nd, a special Mid-Autumn Festival telephone filial piety event was held.In order to implement various anti-epidemic measures, in addition to calling in different classes, wearing a mask throughout the whole process, disinfecting hands with alcohol, and maintaining a safe social distance, the event venues are all disinfected with alcohol before calling, and they will be cleaned up after the event.This event was jointly organized by the Changhua Operation Office of Chunghwa Telecom Corporation. 30 telephones were set up to benefit the students of the school. The school principal Lin Jiaru specially instructed to extend the call time from 6 minutes to 10 minutes, so that the students could have enough time. The words "love" were used to express the students' feelings of missing their families, to make the parent-child relationship closer, and to let the students feel the festive atmosphere in advance. Some students frequently wiped away their tears when they talked with their families, and the scene was very warm. We hope to remind students to be grateful and cherish their blessings, drink water to think of their source, and never forget their kindness through corporate acts of kindness.Family love is the driving force for maintaining the normal life of teenagers. With the care of family members and the guidance of teachers, students will be able to awaken from their hearts and get closer to and away from the bad environment in the past. The school also assists students with telephone interviews for students who cannot be reached by phone. A total of 225 students participated in this activity. The caring voices of family affection rose and fell one after another. Although the students deliberately suppressed and concealed their homesickness and missed their family members, they could not express their feelings of missing their families. In the end, they turned into whispers of concern and blessings, marking a perfect ending for the event.※The organization and telephone number of this activity: Academic Affairs Office 886-4-8742111 ext. 417



Objectives of Establishment

Li Zhi High School admits all juvenile delinquents under the age of l8 of both sexes from local courts which declare judicially in accordance with juvenile delinquency to execute the rectification. The objectives of an organization for performing correctional education and disciplinary action are as follows:  ※Influencing juvenile delinquents to repent and start anew by rectifying bad habitual behaviors.  ※Vocational training to improve employment potential.  ※Completing national basic education...


Cultivation counseling

Cultivation Counseling

In order to guarantee the students’ overall development, change their growing circumstance, adjust their characters and make them get used to the school life, give up bad habits and effectively reduce the negative impact of institutionalized treatment, our school adopt diverse and individual treatment and achieve the goal of cultivation model. Our school counseling consists : individual counseling, group counseling, volunteer counseling, and religious counseling. Besides, we adopt following 4 m...

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