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  • Our school handles skin screening activities

    Because scabies is highly contagious and has a long incubation period, in order to effectively prevent infections in the institution, strengthen the school's health care concepts for teachers and students, and the precautions related to scabies care, the school invited Huang Xingwei, Department of Dermatology, Changbin Xiuchuan Hospital on September 29, 2021 Physicians come to the school to handle-prevent pest crisis-skin screening activities to examine students' potential skin problems, to prevent scabies from spreading in group life, prevent spreading, and reduce the chance of group infection. In this screening activity, a total of 184 students from our school were tested, and the screening results were zero.※The unit and telephone number of this case: Medical care room 886-4-8742111 extension 210

  • Our school handles student optician activities

    Before entering the school, most of the students in this school were playing outside, and they did not pay attention to their own myopia. After entering the school, due to the implementation of 12 years of national education, classroom teaching was arranged every day. Some students were unable to use myopia or the original glasses Clearly see the content of the lecture, which will affect the effectiveness of learning.Our school will organize student optometry and glasses activities on September 9, 2021. By accurately measuring students’ visual acuity and astigmatism, the problem of blurred vision can be improved, and the quality of life and learning effectiveness can be improved. A total of 80 students participated in the activity.※The unit and telephone number of this case: Medical care room 886-4-8742111 extension 210

  • Our school organizes the third quarter of 2021 student "reading experience" writing competition

    In order to cultivate students' interest in writing, develop good reading habits, improve concentration, observation, thinking, and expand their horizons, the school will continue to hold the third quarter of 110 student reading experience writing competition on September 17.The class handles the preliminary competition by itself. A total of 31 student representatives are selected to participate in the finals. There is no limit to the reading list of the competition. Students can choose good books freely, and then present their reading experience in more than 800 words. Reading changes, with a positive outlook on life)”, “paragraph structural integrity” and “writing fluency” are the scoring criteria.The reading book of students is wide and diverse, and the collection of masters in the competition is hard to distinguish. In the end, the second-year student of the beauty department wrote "The attitude is right, the path of life will be right" with the senior writer Qin Mingjun. Show courage, overcome the vice of withdrawal, and strive to achieve a better self in the future, and won the favor of the judges and won the first place; the freshman class students resonated with the writer by using the book "Indecent Youth" by the rehabilitated author Zhang Jinyi. The mental journey of change and growth after the correction school was eloquently told. I lived a splendid life and moved the review and won the second place. The third place was the work of "Allow Oneself to Choose Love" by senior counselor Feng Yiliang, reflecting on his family Relationship, I realized that my mother gave selfless love, and through kind and benign communication, I finally discovered that love is always there.Through reading, students can develop their thoughtful thinking skills, inspire wisdom in subtle ways, enrich their hearts and inspire lives, and be full of hope, courage and positive energy in the face of the future.※Undertaking unit of this case: Academic Affairs Office 886-4-8742111#417



Objectives of Establishment

Li Zhi High School admits all juvenile delinquents under the age of l8 of both sexes from local courts which declare judicially in accordance with juvenile delinquency to execute the rectification. The objectives of an organization for performing correctional education and disciplinary action are as follows:  ※Influencing juvenile delinquents to repent and start anew by rectifying bad habitual behaviors.  ※Vocational training to improve employment potential.  ※Completing national basic education...


Cultivation counseling

Cultivation Counseling

In order to guarantee the students’ overall development, change their growing circumstance, adjust their characters and make them get used to the school life, give up bad habits and effectively reduce the negative impact of institutionalized treatment, our school adopt diverse and individual treatment and achieve the goal of cultivation model. Our school counseling consists : individual counseling, group counseling, volunteer counseling, and religious counseling. Besides, we adopt following 4 m...

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