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In 2019, he won the "National Student Music Competition" high school group

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2019 National Student Music Competition Students Participate in the Competition

    The harmonica class of this school participated in the National Student Music Competition on March 11, 2019, and won the honor of the high school professional group harmonica ensemble (1st place). The teachers and students of the whole school were all excited and grateful after hearing the news.
    A total of 23 students participated in the competition. Most of the students didn't know the temperament scores at first. They didn't start to learn harmonica and music after admission. The learning process was very difficult. After hard work and hard work, they could show brilliant results.
    The national music competition high school team group gathered, there are successive Changsheng military Taichung No. 1 Middle School, Nantou County representative Hongming Experimental High School, etc., all teams have made all efforts to go all out; the Court first challenged the difficult self-selected songs - A tribute (Children of Bodom: A Symphonic Tribute), with a tone piano, a harpsichord, a drum, and a variety of musical instruments, the depth of the field makes the live review eyes bright, in addition to the competition tracks, the last "teacher I love you" Thanks to the hard work and companionship of the teachers, the singing process was really revealing and moving, and it became the highlight of the audience. The audience was full of exclamation and applause.
    In addition to the formal compulsory education curriculum, the music art education and art performance courses are also important supplementary learning content. Through the art cultivation, students can establish correct learning concepts, enhance their concentration, learn tolerance, unity and friendship in the process of interaction, and return students. The family will later repair the feelings of the family and return to the school and society smoothly.
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