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Cultivation Counseling

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  • Last updated:2023-05-23
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In order to guarantee the students’ overall development, change their growing circumstance, adjust their characters and make them get used to the school life, give up bad habits and effectively reduce the negative impact of institutionalized treatment, our school adopt diverse and individual treatment and achieve the goal of cultivation model. 
Our school counseling consists : individual counseling, group counseling, volunteer counseling, and religious counseling. Besides, we adopt following 4 major plans to assist students: Self-exploration education, self-respect counseling and career exploration counseling plan; Life education counseling plan and victory counseling plan; Sex assault counseling plan, drug-addiction treatment plan, and art therapy; and Special treatment methods, Emotion recognition and control plan.
Contents of cultivation:
Ⅰ. Cultivation course
  1. Life education 
  In order to develop the Juvenile Reform School’ characteristic of people-oriented, and to deep input the ideological concepts of life education, our school conduct a series of life education courses to teach the students to cherish life, respect life, respect others.
  2. Family education
  Many juvenile’s negative language, habits, and opinion which caused conflict between their values and interpersonal relationship was formed in their native families. Therefore, in order to teach them to know of their native families and avoid non-recurrence of error, the school will invite professionals to conduct family education courses at school.
  3. Enhance family support to students
  In order to enrich the relationship between parents and children, class advisors will provide parents some necessary parental control knowledge through talks when they have reception, assist them to understand the roles and responsibilities of the parents and juvenile psychology, educate and supervise juveniles well.
  4. Self-exploration and self-respect education
  This course is conducted in group to assist the students to grow up in the meditation, Self develop, tap potentials, self transcend and get a sound mind and body.
  5. Career exploration
  Due to the tight job market and rapidly changing situation, the juveniles have less awareness of their own career ability and the job market trend that resulting their unemployment problem and uncertain employment. In order to increase their awareness of the trend of the market, further cultivate their skills and build correct working attitude, the school is planning to hold Employment Promotion lecture, visiting to workplace and working group, hoping to increase students’ self confidence and employment ability through the methods of lecture, group share and visiting on the spot.
Ⅱ. Counseling Course
  1. Religious counseling
  According to the students’ religion belief or interest, the school will invite the Catholic,Christian, Buddhism and other religious groups to conduct counseling, enable every student to have the chance to receive and be influenced by religious teachings, thus to purify hearts and improve temperaments.  
  2. Make special counseling plan for students with offenses against sexual autonomy and family violence background. 
  Is implemented in small groups or individual counseling methods, and with correct cognitive education, guides children to moderate their own desires at the moment when their own desires are present, and regulate their own emotions to show them with positive behaviors! Therefore, correcting the differences in the four dimensions of "cognitive distortion, rationalization of behavior, heterosexual relationship, and emotional disorder" is the main topic of our counseling.
  3. Drug addiction treatment counseling plan
  To prevent the students form drug abusing, achieve the goal of “Increase Hygiene Factors of Renascence” and “Reduce Risk Factors of Recommitment”, the school invite psychiatrist to conduct drug-addiction treatment counseling.
  4. Victory course counseling
  This course is conducted to increase the students’ problem solving ability, solve problems actively and positively, reduce behavior problems, and increase life adaptive capacity. The course content is improving problem solving attitude, which refers to the individual’s performance situation in the 3 respects during the problem solving process: acknowledge, emotion, and action. 
  5. Follow up survey and counseling
  In order to be clear about the students’ living and studying situation after leaving school, give on time counseling once problem finding, assist them to solve job finding, studying, social adaptability and other problems, our school arrange class advisors to make follow up survey and counseling for leaving students to guarantee the education effect. 
  6. Make best use of social Resources
  The school employs professional prominent and hot-hearted volunteers and group to make counseling to students, through the volunteers’ specialty, compatibility, inclusiveness to make the juveniles’ growth fit to the environment, get more multi-counseling, and rehabilitate in the society better.
  7. Art therapy
  It is specially conducted for students with academic handicap, intellectual disturbance, spiritual, emotion and behavior disorder and lacking of socialization development, thus to assist students to increase their self-care ability, build self-respect and confidence attitude.
Ⅲ. Recreation and Artistic Activities
  1.Recreation activities
To enrich the students’ interest, strengthen physique, cultivate right recreations, the school will usually hold various recreation and artistic activities.
  2.Talent and club activities
The school established various talent class and club activities to inspire the students’ self-confidence and respect, cultivate their right interpersonal activities, and tap their potentials, make them to get skill and leadership, enrich their heart and life experience.

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