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Safety Management

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I.For class management and management of students, all class teachers are fully cared for in life according to the counseling philosophy of "life care is strict, discipline is strict" and "care, encouragement, companionship". In terms of discipline, Give necessary supervision and restraint, promote the normal life and study of the study life, advance and retreat, courtesy, introspection, to protect the self-growth of the young and the healthy, adjust their growth environment, and correct their personality.
Class management:
1.Life Education
  a.Character education
   (1)Personal example: instead of verbal instruction, all advisors in school will impart and internalize the positive values to the students and influence their character and behaviors through the discipline, supervise and urge, sweep, attend class, reception in daily life thus to correct their bad behavior and values and conform to the standards of society.
   (2)Verbal instruction: Taking use of the time after class, advisor of each class will lead students to recite the books written by the ancient saints and sages, such as Da Xue and Zhong Yong, hoping the students’ nature of mind can be imperceptibly influenced by it.
   (3)Environmental education: according to the different environment request of boy and girl class, we made an integrated planning of garden environment by widely planting trees, colored painting the house, aims to build an beautiful and orderly circumstance to steady the students’ neres and be beneficial to their growing.
  b.Life Education Curriculum: Make the students to adopt little fish and planting thus to experience the value of life and cherish their lives. 
2.Living care: It is supposed to provide proper care for the students in aspects of clothes, food, residence, movement, education and entertainment according to their daily life needs.
  a.Food: we supply 3 dishes and 1 soup at lunch and dinner, and also provide Tong Sui and fruits based on the season. 
  b.Clothes: clothes and living goods are immediately supplied to students for keeping warm after they entering. And according to the health check-up when entering, in addition to the health observing and coaching, the teachers will give medical surveillance to those students with somatopsychic illness coordinating with the Healthcare Division.
  c.Residence: Paint the house in different colors according to the students’ characters, aims to build different situations for psychological consultation and hope the students can pay attention to reading and rest good.
  d.Movement: Conduct manner training for students when reception, adopting guidance or sports to correct their figure.
  e.Education and Entertainment: In addition to leading the students to do sports after class, the teachers will also hold culture knowledge contest or sports competition for students, making the students in” crazy stage” have a chance to stretch hands and feet and find a outlet for physical strength, thus to keep a balance development of body and mind.
3.Discipline Training: Adopt military training and boy scout training to mold the students’ character of scrupulously abiding by group norm and team spirit.
II.Strictly enforce the “monitory area purification” program:
In order to cease the Prohibited entering of goods thoroughly, any people, vehicle, and goods going inside or outside the monitory area should receive strict inspection. In addition, we will carry out routine safety inspection for all sites every day, and twice centralized surprise check every month, also make record and deal with the prohibited goods in accordance with the regulations.
III.Implement the Prison Situation Controlling to Prevent the Implication from Trial Gangs and Major Criminal with Violence Program:
Make sure to build the data of every student to effectively master their dynamic changes. We made record and manage the violent, stubborn and gang members criminals through strict check and intense counseling.
IV.Free opinion communication for student:
Every site is equipped with a suggestion box. We have a meeting to review our work and life every season in which our inspector and director of Government Ethics Office will talk with studends face to face to gather advice widely. Thus the interactive relationship between advisors and studends is much good.
V.Hold Various Emergency Exercises:
According to the regulation of Ministry of Justice, we hold emergency exercise on fire prevention, explosion prevention, escape prevention, food poisoning, and emergency medical care and prevention from new types of influenza infection and also live firing training for monitory person to effectively increase their strain force.
VI.Release and return
     Return to visit family:
If the student is necessary to go home for visiting when his/her next of kin or spouse died or because of heavy accident, the school would make a discretionary decision to allow him/her to hasten home for the funeral or visiting serious patient accompanied by monitory person.
VII.Convenient the reception of Students:
In order to make it convenient for the Students to meet their closest relatives or answers their calls when something terrible happened after application to calm their spirit. 
VIII.Improve the managerial staff‘s professional knowledgee:
Besides the regular professional knowledge subject, before going on duty every day, the group leader or operator on duty will instruct the main point on duty or publicize relative statute, the school will also invite experts to give instruction in relative knowledge some time, which all aim to improve the managerial staff ‘s professional knowledge.

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