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Living Offerings

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  • Last updated:2023-05-25
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Superior Living Environment
The facility adopts one-bed room design with a desk per person with spacious room; each room is equipped with exhaust fan and television, sufficient sunlight and well-planned ventilation. Please refer to photo’s showing mentioned facilities.

interior of dorm room and desk, a total of 3 pictures 1 1

Student’s Daily Gear
The facility also provides daily gears for student from clothes, bedding, and daily items. Please refer to photo’s showing mentioned items.

Meal Management
The foodstuff besides staple food is purchased via bidding together with Prisons, Detention Center, and related institution of the Changhua area. During the purchase, the pork and chicken are validated based on the CAS mark and effective date. Cooked food is not purchased and all purchased foodstuffs are cooked before placed on the table. The edible oil and salt are used according the relevant rules and the inventory is check monthly. A meal improvement meeting is held every month (with the representative of the students) to ensure that the meals are healthy and satisfactory to the students.

Lunch and dinner with three dishes and one soup

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