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On-line Visit

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  • Last updated:2020-06-10
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 Starting from January 1994, the institute follows instruction by Ministry of Law to start “On-Line Visit” service, offering more convenience to the public. Family of inmate benefits from using video conferencing equipment in closest correctional facility to visit inmate far away, sparing all the hassle from long trip fatigue.

(1). On-line application form fill-up. The form is available through information desk or website of Ministry of Justice 。
(2). Attachments of filled application form should be applicable to those suitable, such as proof. These papers should be sent 1 (one) week ahead by registered mail or by fax to the correctional institute where inmates stay. Once the application is approved, the institute will notify applicants by phone, written memo, or fax with approved visit schedule. After receiving such a notification, the applicant should approach to the office where his/her application was completed at scheduled time with appropriate original ID. After filling out registration form, the one-line service is activated between applicant and inmate.

 Student’s spouse, direct kinship, third-level kinship, and 2nd-level marriage-bounded kinship. 

Available time:
 Initial schedule time frame is from 14:00 to 16:30, Monday through Friday. Family member can apply for 1 (one) session for 30 minutes at a time.  

Contact Information:
(1). Q&A for On-Line visit TEL:+886-4-8742111#408 FAX:+886-4-8742561
(2). Open to public TEL:+886-4-8742111#501 FAX:+886-4-8742561

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