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01 Our school handles skin screening activities 2021-10-08
02 Our school handles student optician activities 2021-10-08
03 Our school organizes the third quarter of 2021 student "reading experience" writing competition 2021-10-04
04 Our school organizes the "Healthy Jumping" rope skipping competition for students 2021-09-29
05 Our school handles the Mid-Autumn Festival phone call 2021-09-23
06 Our school handles the issuance of the letter of intent for the COVID 19 vaccine administration of students and the promotion of health education 2021-09-10
07 Our school manages the "Chess King Contest" chess game 2021-09-06
08 Our school handles the 2021 Law Conference Examination 2021-08-10
09 Our school organizes "Youth Growth Diary" Creative Poster Competition 2021-08-02
10 Our school organizes the “Reading Experience” writing competition for students in the second quarter of 2021 2021-07-01
11 Our school handles 2021 Mother's Day telephone filial piety activities 2021-05-12
12 Our school handles the 2021 Mother's Day celebration activities 2021-05-12
13 Our school organizes the "Mother's Day Card Writing Competition" 2021-04-29
14 Our school organizes the "Incorruption from Prison, Together on Line" Integrity Image Contest 2021-04-29
15 Our school conducts health education activities on "Stress Adjustment and Suicide Prevention" 2021-04-28
16 Our school organizes the "Remove Regrets and Welcome to the Sun" laser tattoo removal activity 2021-04-28
17 Our students participated in the 2021 Taiwan Lantern Festival National Lantern Competition and won the high school vocational group lamp king 2021-04-23
18 Our school holds life education lectures on "Cultivating Good Characters and Creating Good Life" 2021-04-15
19 Our school organizes the "Beyond the Peak" three-on-three basketball game 2021-03-31
20 Our school organizes the "Reading Experience" writing competition for the first quarter of 2021 2021-03-30
21 Our school handles student "Legal Consultation and Rule of Law Education Lectures" activities 2021-03-23
22 The school handles the special education promotion committee meeting for the second semester of the 109 school year 2021-03-19
23 Our school handles the "Influenza Vaccination" campaign 2021-03-17
24 The school organizes the "109 academic year 2nd semester beginning special education IEP meeting and 109 academic year 1st semester end IEP review meeting" 2021-03-09
25 Our school handles the "I have something to say" contest 2021-02-24
26 Our school handles laser tattoo removal activities 2021-01-28
27 Our school handles 110 Spring Festival telephone filial piety activities 2021-01-26
28 Our school organizes character and life education "classroom layout" competition 2021-01-25
29 Our school holds the fourth student "reading experience'' writing competition in 2020 2020-12-18
30 Our school holds "Life Education" lectures 2020-12-18
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