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Religious Courses

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Ⅰ. Religious counseling
 According to the students' religion belief or interest, the school will invite the religious organizations to conduct counseling, enable every student to have the chance to receive and be influenced by religious teachings, thus to purify hearts and improve temperaments. 
Christian Summer Camp and Religious activities and Religious groups with book activities, a total of 3 pictures     
Ⅱ. Make special counseling plan for students with offenses against sexual autonomy and family violence background.
 Professional units will conduct Group or individual counseling respectively to boy and girl class. Lead the students to have moderate mood dredge and regulate self emotion in the desire appearing present age. Therefore, our main counseling contents are conducted to correct the students’ devious knowledge in the following 4 aspects: cognitive distortions, behavior rationalization, getting along with the opposite sex, and emotional handicap.
Ⅲ. Drug addiction treatment counseling plan
 To prevent the studends form drug abusing, achieve the goal of "Increase Hygiene Factors of Renascence" and "Reduce Risk Factors of Recommitment", the school invite psychiatrist to conduct drug-addiction treatment counseling. Besides leading the students to know their selves and growing background, teachers also adopt many other counseling skills like advantages and disadvantages sharing, projection training, role-playing, emotion-controlling, interpersonal activities, and communication skills, problem-solving and so on. With the team influence to enable students to others’ impression of them selves, teach them how to interact and return positively and how to turn someone down. The school also provides related information and help-seeking access about drug treatment; make them know they can get wide help to refuse drugs.
Ⅳ.Victory course counseling
 This course is conducted to increase the students’ problem solving ability, solve problems actively and positively, reduce behavior problems, and increase life adaptive capacity. The course content is improving problem solving attitude, which refers to the individual’s performance situation in the 3 respects during the problem solving process: acknowledge, emotion, and action. 
Ⅴ.Follow up survey and counseling
 1. One week after student leaving the school, we will inform of related data to the original decision-making courts, all branches of Taiwan After-Care Association, census administration,police station, social service department in registered residence for follow up, supervision and counseling assistance.
 2. In order to be clear about the students’ living and studying situation after leaving school for a month, give on time counseling once problem finding, assist them to solve job finding, studying,social adaptability and other problems, our school arrange class advisors to make follow up survey by telephone for leaving students to guarantee the education effect.
 3. At the beginning of every year, conduct immediate survey of the recommitment situation for those students left last year for controlling and counseling reference. 
Ⅵ. Make best use of social Resources
 The counseling volunteers and social volunteers of our school to give fixed or unfixed counseling to students. Through the volunteers’ specialty, compatibility, inclusiveness to make the juveniles’ growth fit to the environment, get more multi-counseling, and rehabilitate in the society better. 
Make best use of social Resources and Volunteers recognized secondary students and Make best use of social Resources, a total of 3 pictures     
Ⅶ. Art Therapy

 1. Art exploration classes respectively : It is specially conducted for students with academic handicap, intellectual disturbance, spiritual, emotion and behavior disorder and lacking of socialization development.
 2. Curriculum project: The course adopts lifestyle, game-based, and activation methods. We specially arrange flute playing, art & craft learning for girl class, hoping to make their characters be imperceptibly influenced, and assist students to increase their self-care ability, build self-respect and confidence attitude.

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