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Confidential Counseling

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(1). Orientation:
    Construing the meaning of correctional education, introduction of the "Juvenile Rectification Schools", relevant protocols, and reserved rights to make them be aware of the environment and be prepared.
(2). Direct Investigation:
    It is conducted by filling out questionnaires or interview regarding life, education, career, crime history, and physical condition.
(3). Indirect Investigation:
    It conducted by questionnaires filled out by family members and police precinct, including family, education background, social background.
(4). Psychological Test
    It is conducted by questionnaire, including personality, character, and intellectuality
(5). Photo filing:
    All student are taken picture (long – haired, shaved, or short-haired) using digital camera for filing in computer.
(6). Re-birth and Protection:
    It includes financial aid on transportation back home, escort home, assistance in employment, and other protection programs.
(7). Polling:
    It is to assist academic organizations and university for conducing tests, questionnaire, and academic research.

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