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Placement and Protection of School Leavers

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  • Last updated:2023-03-21
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I. Place of resettlement
  (1) For those students who lack family support and cannot return home, before requesting the juvenile court to decide to stop reformatory education, they should call on the department of social welfare of the county(city) government, the after-care association to assist in resettlement, and the juvenile court will send the guards to continue. Tracking counseling so that every school leaver can be properly arranged to avoid further crimes.
  (2) The placement of students is mainly based on the government filing agency under the jurisdiction of the Child Welfare Bureau, Ministry of the Interior and the Taiwan After-Care Association. However, according to the above-mentioned channels, it is still impossible to find suitable placements for students. We will consult other social resources networks to assist in the arrangement.
II. The judicial follow-up counseling process
  Before the school students report to the juvenile court to release or stop the reformatory education, the school will send a letter to the department of social welfare of the county(city) government to send social workers to the school for follow-up counseling. If the social administration unit has the need to visit students due to business needs, this mode can also be followed. III. Employment match For students who are physically and mentally sound but lack family support and are in desperate need of independent living, we assist students in finding companies with a public interest philosophy and willing to provide student meals and accommodation.

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