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Multi-Counseling Correction Mode

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  • Last updated:2023-03-21
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According to the Multi-counseling correction mode published by the Ministry of Justice, our school has built a complete counseling correction mode.
The structure of counseling in this school is divided into 5 parts for individual counseling.Detailed description of the contents of this website.I.Direct counseling.
In order to strengthen student counseling and implement special education services, the school combines psychologists, senior social worker, case manager, Teacher-Counselor and special education teachers to set up a counseling center to promote three-level counseling mechanisms, strengthen the screening of new high-care cases and prepare for school leavers. Career identity and system resource integration services. The Student Counselling Service provides appropriate resources and effective services through case-based, professional division of labor and case-specific issues. In addition, through the close cooperation between special education and counseling, the special education service is further implemented, and the interests of Viter are taught.
1.Primary counseling
  a.Counseling for new students: For every new student, our school will build a data pack,conduct a classification survey, make psychological test(Colored Progressive Matrices, character health chart, career interests chart), and take the charts for reference to the future counseling and treatment to students. An entering introduction will be given to the students to help them get adapt to the school life soon. 
  b.Living education, citizenship education: Help the students to build positive value, develop good attitudes for life, and correct their bad behavior through life education and citizenship education. Besides the advisors’ ordinary instruction, students are also supposed to be touched in heart and be imperceptibly influenced by surrounding environment and various living chances.
  c.Life education, gender education: This education aims to teach students from six major aspects: arouse one's potential energy, happiness DIY, be hot for dreams, communication skills, increase studying ability, remolding the value of life, thus to rebuild their positive values and the way to get along with people under gender equality. 
  d.Legal education: Taking use of the class-gathering time, advisors will publicize general knowledge of laws to students. Lawyers from Chuang-Hua or Taichung Law Society will be invited to school to teach legal education lesson and answer relative legal question every season. The school will also hold unified examination of general knowledge of laws every season, the top 3 students of each class will be awarded, thus to enhance their study interest and effect. 
  e.Job supervision and Career Planning: We invite experts, scholar and members of Taiwan After-Care Association Chuang-Hua Branch to give related job counseling. And every half year, we will invite company owners to visit in our school and communicate with students face to face, thus to give the leaving students job counseling and help them to make correct career plan. 
 2. Secondary Counseling
  After being identified, evaluated, and screened, cases requiring high care should be referred to the tutors for concern, individual interviews, and information gathering; if necessary, refer to group courses.
 3. Third Class Counseling
  For those who have been assessed by secondary counseling or related professionals as serious behavioral deviations and difficulties in adaptation, refer to the psychologist for professional individual or group consultation for treatment and correction.
 4. Adaptive Counseling Course
  Through referrals from various levels of counselors, professional counselors will plan and lead group courses such as drugs, career, self-exploration, gender, and emotional adjustment.
 5. Career identity and system resource integration services
  The psychologists conduct career interest measurement, decontamination and counseling interviews, and senior social worker conduct system resource link services, and refer the business contractors to follow-up administrative operations according to the evaluation results.
 6. Special Education Services
  In order to maintain the right to teach and educate the students with special educational needs, the school has a special education class to provide students with special education appraisal and placement, special education courses and related resources application services, and combined with the professional human resources of the counseling center. Resources, providing individualized counseling resources for special education students.
Ⅱ. Indirect counseling
 1. Application of family support: Through the family convention activities during the 3 festivals every year (spring festival, Mother’s Day, The Mid-Autumn Day) to enlarge the parent education.
 2. Religious Power: Invite the Christian After-Care Fellowship, priest and preaching, Buddhist Nonprofit Groups( such as Tzu Chi volunteers), Catholic nun and priest and others to give sermons in school and counsel students, thus to purify their heart, eliminate their outrage and follow what is right.
 3. Union of Social Resources: Uniting with Taiwan After-Care Association, Observing Volunteer Association, Kongda Reading Club, Society Purifying Cultural and Education Foundation, Tzu Chi Foundation, Wisdom Act Cultural and Education Foundation, Tienchung Kushan Temple Bodhi Chanting Association, Tiehchenshan Volunteers Team, and counseling volunteers from many courts to hold various Recreation activities or take participate in counseling at school, giving students inspiration and moving in deep heart.
 4. Participation of Volunteers: Except the volunteers from many courts, now there are counseling volunteers and social volunteers. Fixed group training will be held for volunteers to intensify their counseling knowledge, thus to solve the manpower deficit problem of our school.
Ⅲ. Follow-up counseling
 1.Telephone Interview: The Assistance and Guidance Section will designate special staff to make telephone interview for those school-leaving students once every season in the first year, which aims to know the students’ studying, working or recommitment situation and seek for social help to assist students with adjustment problem.
 2.Household Interview:
  a. The advisor will make household interview for school-leaving students or nominated students in the form of business trip or invite their parents to come to school for talking, thus to know the students’ family situation and real needs, hoping to provide the best assistance to them. 
  b. One week after student leaving the school, We will inform of related data to the original decision-making courts, all branches of Taiwan After-Care Association, census administration, police station, social service department in registered residence for follow up, supervision and counseling assistance. Conduct questionnaire to those school-leaving students every half year to master their actual situation and provide necessary assistance.

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