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Our school holds life education lectures on "Cultivating Good Characters and Creating Good Life"

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Cultivating Good Characters and Creating Good Life

In order to help students develop a correct outlook on life, establish a good life attitude, and enhance self-confidence, the branch school invited Dr. Fu Mulong to the school on the afternoon of April 9, 2021 to conduct a life education lecture on "Cultivating Good Characters and Creating a Good Life". A total of 63 students participated activity.
At the beginning of the activity, the lecture opened clearly to remind students to "change the world with a smile, don't let this world change your smile." The students nodded like garlic and resonated positively with the lecture. Then, the lecture used articles and pictures. Or share life stories one by one in the video. Each life story is worth learning and thinking, and the students are deeply moved. Through the interaction, the impression of the students is deepened, and the students know more about "cherishing", "contentment" and "respect" And "grateful."
Finally, the lecture encouraged the students to be a kind-hearted person even though no one appreciates your kindness, not for others, but for yourself, to maintain good deeds and filial piety, and you will see a different landscape in your life. Through the sharing of lectures, the lost girls are guided to open a dawn of life, and the activity draws a successful conclusion in the relaxed and warm interaction between the lectures and the students.
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