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Our school organizes the "Incorruption from Prison, Together on Line" Integrity Image Contest

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Integrity Image Contest

In order to promote the understanding and support of the integrity policies of the correctional institutions among the students in this branch school, and to "promote a culture of integrity" and "advocate a society of integrity", the branch school will organize an integrity image sticker competition on April 23, 2021.
The competition was preliminarily organized by the class. A total of 27 students participated in the competition on behalf of the class. The activity integrated the characteristics of the anti-corruption policy, combined with the life experience of the students in the correction school, and the class instructor promoted the concept of anti-corruption to the students through vivid and lively anti-corruption stickers. Ingenuity and creativity. The students' works are rich and diverse. Finally, the female junior high school class used the theme of "Checking Orange Meow" to make use of the cute body movements of the cat and the funny slogan to attract the attention of the judges and stand out as the first place; the male high school catering students ranked first. Little Pig Emoticon, which blends into the language of young people nowadays, presents a playful and lively style, and won the second place.
Through the activity process, students are instilled in the concept of honesty and integrity, and different learning aspects are provided in campus life. I believe that under the guidance of the teacher, the exposed teenagers will be able to lay a good personality foundation.
※Undertaking unit of this case: Training Department 886-4-8742111#417

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