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Our school organizes "Youth Growth Diary" Creative Poster Competition

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Youth Growth Diary

In order to help students’ families understand the students’ living and learning conditions at school, relieve their uneasy feelings, encourage students to be creative, record life with pictures, and enhance students’ sense of identity, the school initiated the creation of a student’s "Youth Growth Diary" on July 23, 110. A total of 138 students from 18 groups participated in the poster contest.
The competition method is based on the theme of "Youth Growth Diary", which presents students' positive campus daily life through painting. The participating team is formed by class students and the creation is completed by hand painting. The theme content, creative expression and artistic color composition are used as the score. Standards, the competition scores are excellent in the top 5, the participating class teams have to do their best to strive for the highest honor, brainstorming to show the most creative works.
The scoring process is difficult to distinguish. In the end, the beauty class attracted the attention of the judges with clear themes and bright colors, and won the first place; the motor class took the creative concept of gender equality and applied the ingenuity of changing colors in different seasons and ranked second; The second class of cosmetology showed the love of classmates with delicate brushstrokes to show alternative creativity and won the third place. Through the activities, students were taught to cherish life, learn tolerance, respect, and the spirit of mutual help and cooperation, and bring warmth to life.
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