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Our school handles the issuance of the letter of intent for the COVID 19 vaccine administration of students and the promotion of health education

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  • Last updated:2021-09-10
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COVID 19 vaccine administration of students and the promotion of health education

In line with the central policy, the school provides students with the new crown vaccine (Pfizer BNT vaccine is administered to students in the community, a total of 2 doses are required, and the two doses need to be given 28 days apart), so that our students understand the importance of vaccine administration and For related precautions, the medical staff of our school will carry out relevant health education to each class from September 6, 2021, and will issue a vaccination intention letter for students to send back.
Parents are requested to fill in the student vaccination assessment and intention letter according to their wishes (this school can only be vaccinated in the school) after reading the student vaccination requirements carefully. Please fill in all the information regardless of whether there is a willingness to administer vaccinations, and send all the information in full. Upon returning to our school, our school will arrange for the beating according to the letter of intent. To meet the requirements of the central catalogue management, parents are requested to send the complete information back to the school before September 13, 2021 (postmark proof). Those who do not receive the letter of intent will be deemed not to agree to the beating. The estimated time for the beating depends on the arrangement of the Health Bureau. Thank you parents for your cooperation.
※The unit and telephone number of this case: Medical care room 886-4-8742111 extension 210

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