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Our school handles skin screening activities

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  • Last updated:2021-10-08
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skin screening activities

Because scabies is highly contagious and has a long incubation period, in order to effectively prevent infections in the institution, strengthen the school's health care concepts for teachers and students, and the precautions related to scabies care, the school invited Huang Xingwei, Department of Dermatology, Changbin Xiuchuan Hospital on September 29, 2021 Physicians come to the school to handle-prevent pest crisis-skin screening activities to examine students' potential skin problems, to prevent scabies from spreading in group life, prevent spreading, and reduce the chance of group infection. In this screening activity, a total of 184 students from our school were tested, and the screening results were zero.
※The unit and telephone number of this case: Medical care room 886-4-8742111 extension 210

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