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Our school organizes the "English Song Chorus" competition

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English Song Chorus

In order to arouse students' motivation and interest in learning English, promote English life, reduce students' fear of language learning, and enhance self-confidence, our school will hold an English song chorus competition on October 22, 2021. A total of 14 classes of 201 students will participate.
In view of the impressive results of the first English song chorus competition last year, we will continue to handle it for the second time this year, hoping to further stimulate students' interest in learning. The competition is based on the class. The students of each participating class are free to choose their favorite English songs. The English teacher of the school is responsible for guiding the students to pronounce correctly, and the class instructor will lead the students to strengthen their practice in their spare time. Each class strives for the highest honor and does not actively practice before the competition. , On the day of the competition, it fully demonstrated the unity and cooperation and the tacit understanding, the song was interpreted vividly, and the stage performance was creative and ingenious, which not only won the praise of all the judges, but also won the audience.
As a result of the competition, the second-year cosmetology student won the first place with a pleasant and sensual singing interpretation of "Love Me Like You Do"; the first-year catering student sang "Way Back Into Love" with a gentle voice and moved the audience and won the second place. First-year students in the beauty department clearly interpret the song "Call Me Maybe" with a clear and dynamic interpretation. The singing is neat and professional, and ranked third. Through this competition, the correct pronunciation of English is promoted, the effectiveness of students' learning is realized, and the characteristics of students are developed. Teaching, showing multiple learning achievements, also allows students to leave good memories in campus life.
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