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Our students won the championship in the juvenile essay competition

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Our students won the championship in the juvenile essay competition

The school was officially restructured on August 1, 2021, recruiting professional teachers and principals from the Ministry of Education to school corrections education. Principal Lin Jiaru, who won the Ministry of Education Teaching Excellence Award, is from a rural middle school in Nantou County. She actively promotes reformation education with love. The school’s school-based curriculum was planned with the theme of "Temperature, Touching, Happiness-The Distance Between Us and Evil", and students were encouraged to read and write. This year led students to participate in the Tianzhong Town Mayor’s Cup Reading and Writing Competition. A total of five students won the prize. Among them, Huang from the senior high school vocational group won the first prize in the group.
Student Huang wrote: "I also lost my good high school career because of drugs... I remember that when I was a child, my homework was among the best, but since my parents divorced, my mother had less disciplined me, and gradually I became less fond of reading. …In the end, I took drugs and inadvertently. My mother cried heartbroken. Under the influence of family, I surrendered to the court. After more than a month, I came to the Changhua Youth Auxiliary Education Institute. When I was in despair, my family really accompanied me. After a long walk, I discovered the greatness of family relationship.” The narrative was sincere and moved every reviewer and won the first place in the writing competition.
Mayor Hong Lina of Tanaka went to our school to present the award on November 12, and said: "Children with unbalanced family functions can easily go astray because of lack of love. I would like to encourage children who enter this school to be able to read Nourish the heart of love. Reading regardless of identity or ethnic group, anyone can enhance their horizons through reading, hoping that the children in this school will let go of the past and move forward and open up a better life for the future."
Principal Lin Jiaru also stated that the most powerful bravery is love, and there is strength if there is aspiration. In the future, under the benign interaction between teachers and students, our school can break the indifference, detonate the bomb of love, and jointly build a happy school.
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