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Our school’s harmonica team won the second place in the 110th school year student music competition in Changhua County

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won the second place in the 110th school year student music competition in Changhua County

The harmonica team of our school has won the national student music competition three times since the 102 school year. It also won the first place in Changhua County in the 108 and 109 school years. However, due to the suspension of the epidemic, it was unable to enter the national competition; In the name of "Inspirational Middle School", he once again participated in the 110th school year student music competition in Changhua County. The self-selected song "Metallica Symphonic Medley" was favored by the judges and won the second place in the harmonica ensemble of the high school vocational group.
The school was officially restructured into a juvenile correction school on August 1, 2021. The students accepted 108 syllabus regular courses, and at the same time, the practice time was limited. 15 students who could not read music scores at the beginning, although the learning process was more difficult, The girl's brave pursuit of dreams and persistence in not giving up was really moving. In the end, she ranked second with a difference of 0.2 points.
Xiaofen, a young girl from a broken family, said: "Being able to participate in the harmonica team is the first dream I made for myself after entering school. The difficulties encountered in the learning process never stop, and every time I overcome a difficulty, I can accumulate experience again. , Perseverance, change your mood and affirm yourself one by one.” When asked about the unforgettable experience in the learning process, she said: “There were frictions and disputes in the process of interacting with classmates, and learned to tolerate each other and build deeper I’m very grateful that everyone can go hand in hand and set off again. Seeing the teachers’ devotion without complaint makes me feel quite happy! I also know how to be grateful and cherish every hard-won learning opportunity."
Principal Lin Jiaru of our school praised the students for studying hard and striving for improvement in the face of adversity. In her mind, this group of students is already the first. Principal Lin said that after the restructuring, the school will not only provide students with formal syllabus education, but also adopt a unique method for teaching talents in student club activities. In the future, it will start to plan the "Black Diamond and Red Diamond" program in terms of skills training. Incorporating coffee bean roasting and tea making techniques into the curriculum, so that students can have multiple learning opportunities. I hope that students will pass the school-based curriculum "Temperature, Touch, Happiness-The Distance Between Us and Evil" in a loving campus. , Not only can learn a skill, but also become a person with warmth.
※Undertaking unit of this case: Academic Affairs Office 886-4-8742111#417

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