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Our school holds the "Life Education Karaoke Singing" competition

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  • Last updated:2021-12-22
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Life Education Karaoke Singing

In order to enhance students' diverse learning interests, explore students' talents in singing and performance, and train students' courage, typhoon, manners and expression skills on stage, our school will hold a "Life Education Karaoke Singing" competition on the afternoon of December 17, 2021, with a total of 45 students in 30 groups Students participate.
This competition is based on the five major aspects of life story sharing, intonation and rhythm, emotional skills, timbre, typhoon grooming and other five aspects as the scoring standard. Participating students from the internal selection representative class are all the best choices. In addition to exuding personal charm, their timbre and singing skills are even better. This competition is different from the past. In addition to focusing on singing skills, it is also necessary to share personal life stories. Before the competition, the students draw lots to determine the order of appearance. The boys in the boys class want to be the sun of the "she" in their hearts with a magnificent vigor. , A very penetrating voice, sincere emotions melted the hearts of the audience; women do not let the eyebrows, girls in the class also showed their singing skills with a song "Same Hands and Feet", sang that they grew up together but separated their younger brothers and sisters for some reason. Missing, the singing voice is like a yellow eagle out of the valley, and the delicate and emotional interpretation of the song is accurate and in place, so that the audience can listen to it with enthusiasm, and they will respond with warm applause. Participants' life story sharing, singing skills, interpreting the artistic conception of the lyrics, and focusing on the attention of the eyes made the audience applause, and the teachers' cheering and encouragement showed the deep friendship between teachers and students.
The competition scores were announced. The car 1A students won the championship, the beauty 1A students came second and won the runner-up award, and the meal management 2C was the third runner-up. In the end, Principal Lin Jiaru encouraged students to believe in their own extraordinaryness, bravely pursue their dreams, and become the sun for themselves and others. The activity draws a perfect ending amidst the excitement and laughter.
Organizer of this case: Academic Affairs Office, 886-4-8742-111#417

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