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Our students celebrate Christmas

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  • Last updated:2021-12-24
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Our students celebrate Christmas

The children of this school are students who are required to receive probation education by the Juvenile Court. This group of children who cannot be reunited with their families will miss relatives every festive season. In order to let the children feel the warm Christmas atmosphere in the cold winter, Mr. The social charity organization recruited materials and led all department heads of the school to dress up on Christmas Eve, dressed up as "Santa Claus," and sent love to every class one by one with Christmas bells.
When students received unexpected Christmas gifts full of blessings, the expressions of surprise, touch and joy were unprecedented. Some students even burst into tears in the corners of their eyes. They were deeply moved by the school’s carefully arranged activities. I also thank all the teachers for their care and blessings. When Principal Lin asked them what they wanted, some students said, "I want to say thank you to my mother in person!" Some said, "You must be filial to your grandma after you leave school." Female Junior high school students said shyly: "I want to tell my mother-I love you."
The smooth progress of this event is due to the generosity of people from social charity organizations. In particular, "Initially Cultural and Creative" took the lead role in launching the "Sending Love Campaign" and called on nearly 10,000 students distributed across the country to subscribe to purchases. The group of lecturers packaged books and stationery into exquisite gifts. In addition, "Booker Culture Publishing House and Ou Min Charity Foundation" also responded to the joint participation, so that every student was full of touch and emotion when they received the gift from the teacher. grateful.
In the activity, Lin Jiaru has long allowed students to study hard at school and regard inspiration as a temporary home. The teachers and teachers of the school will give full love and care. Students will never be alone. She also encourages students to have the ability in the future. At that time, we must give back to the society, extend a helping hand to help those in need, and become a warm and kind person.
Organizer of this case: Academic Affairs Office, 8864-8742-111#417

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