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Our school holds the “Reading Experience” writing competition for students in the fourth quarter of 2021

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Reading Experience

In order to cultivate students’ interest in writing, develop good reading habits, improve concentration, observation, critical thinking and expand their horizons, our school will continue to hold the 2021 Fourth Quarter Student Reading Experience Writing Competition on December 24, 2021.
The class will handle the preliminary competition by itself. A total of 33 student representatives will be selected to participate in the final competition. There is no limit to the reading list of the competition. Students can freely choose excellent books, and then present their reading experience in more than 800 words. Changed by reading, with a positive outlook on life)”, “paragraph structural integrity” and “writing fluency” are the scoring criteria.
The students’ reading list is extensive and diverse, and it is difficult to distinguish the works of the competitors. The first-year students of the automotive department wrote the famous author Zhan Hongzhi’s “Green Light Past”, which is delicate and rich in style. During this period, the father who passed away gave him unmarked and selfless love. He hoped that he could accompany his children to grow up in the future and make up for the regrets left by his father. He hoped that his father would be proud of him and moved the judges to win the first place; Students learn from the book "Your Kindness Must Be a Little Sharp" by senior psychological counselor Mu Yange, and realize that kindness requires choices. If you choose to compromise because you are afraid of rejecting others' unreasonable requests, you will fall into a desperate situation, which is not true kindness. , won the favor of the judges and ranked second; the third place read Taiping Mitsuyo's book "So, you have to live!", with beautiful handwriting and fluent writing. I don't know how to cherish it, but through the guidance of reading, I realized that filial piety should be timely, and I hope that I don't have the regret of "knowing earlier" in my life.
Through reading, students develop their ability to think carefully, inspire their wisdom in a subtle way, enrich their hearts and inspire their lives, and they are full of hope, courage and positive energy in the face of the future.
Undertaker of this case: Office of Academic Affairs, 886-4-8742-111#417

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