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Junior lighting towards a bright future for themselves

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Changhua County Government to improve the rehabilitation of people affected by pre-employment preparation force protection , object to the current expansion of the services received in the hospital to receive probation youth education , in the ( 103 ) On March 26 "teenage Career Talk" section a second , the Court first dean科施科long encouraged the graduates to build just can carefully study before leaving for the hospital auxiliary less been planning their future . This activity by the魏明毅counseling psychologist brought touching course , led the field in the direction of the students find their own life , ready to start again , and create a new future . Wei Mingyi school psychologist job sharing their journey is not smooth , engaged in accounting work after graduation from school , often go wrong at work , I feel very frustrated , after a period of exploration , found himself not suitable for this kind of work , and finally determined admitted to the Institute in the field of psychology , became a professional counseling psychologist , also find their own path in life . Such stories trigger the curiosity of the presence of students , have also raise questions : how to find the most suited to their job? Wei psychologist , said: " God gave everyone a fair manner as a gift , the difference is that someone saw it, it was turning a blind eye " , and with a firm tone to tell the presence of the students : " Because of uncertainty , it may have undertaken ." lost in the future at the same time , being able to stimulate their thinking, find yourself a unique place , efforts to develop the skills , the students at the end of the two -hour course enough, more than one in write feedback has been more explicit about the future ideas, but also want to be able to ask more questions the teacher more , which means that the activities of this group of kids have a new inspiration. Changhua County Government will continue to cooperate with the Court , for the youth career seminars, sharing a different theme , from career planning, category description and workplace adaptation, to provide a complete employment counseling , hopes to help more young people through a series of activities towards this belongs their bright future. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 302 Academic Division
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