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March 2014 Song contest cultural and recreational activities

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March 25, 2014 afternoon, the hospital handled March recreational activities - Song of the game , the day Goyang looming , with the breeze , it is a good time of the game, each class has long been ready , all want to multi-day exercise the results show up. The theme of the Song of the competition is " resounding " in the hope that the students of the breathtaking momentum and pace of Song Zhuang Sheng , show high morale , team spirit . Each participating class must sing two songs Song , a song is a song choice , designated song for "fusion" aim to make students from across the city and county are integrated into the family of secondary infertility hospital , coexistence and common prosperity . Or stop singing can be completed at the time of travel between rooms , or to point out style , geometric style transformation , can also play creative ingenuity , with costumes, props , slogans , musical instruments ... and so on, so the match , the dazzling , fascinating, air swallowing Jiang Ho ; Cry moving soul ! All teams have to show the characteristics of the class , each student all jittery , so as to focus the match referee chiefs , by constantly praise ! Since many classes have played a good rapport , the Song of the implications of the perfect present , so the President of the Special裁示, taking only the top three awards in the original , and then add two names, so a total of five class winners . After the end of the class away from the venue when many of the students in private discussions , found that students in secondary infertility hospital , has one win, the power demand on the hope that more of the stage, the intention to express their potential and strength characteristics . This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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