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Court held in 2014 drug- drug classes 1st Family Day

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court 2014 1st class handling drug detoxification Family Day activities, April 2 AM handle . Apply for the purpose of Family Day , in addition to enable students to repair relations with his family , after discharge can be healthy communication with their families , but also to provide information about drug treatment help of students and parents were able to clearly understand the hazards and temptations of drugs. The first stage of the Family Day activities are playing the movie " Assassins" , the film is a Hong Kong film company shot , showing the contents of realistic family discord, will promote youth Meeting of false friends , to go astray , reading movie and then by a clinical psychologist Changhua Hospital Health and Welfare Ministry to real data , information, tell the families and students taking drugs no end of trouble . The second stage is the family relationship repair group activities , instructors guide students through classroom interaction with family, chemical control grudge between them . The third stage is family counseling activities for psychologists and classes led by instructors , commentary sincerity, respect, acceptance and other positive means of communication. The fourth stage is the knowledge of health education promotion , health chief of interpretation by the Court to provide family members with drug help students obtain relevant information , the final stage , then led the family to visit the hospital district hospital , so that the families understand the student learning conditions in hospital . After this event, when families fill out feedback from a single , multi- hope hospital can handle this event and more , because parents know that only the family of one mind, to work together to more powerful , really effectively cut off the drug ! Hopefully the students to live up to his family ardent longing mo ah ! This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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