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Sorin Master " chaste character " Life character education seminar

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April 1, 2014 in the afternoon again by the Chiayi County hospital referral Ede Temple invite Sorin Master -hand- School Character Education lecture series , a talk on " chaste character " , which is Sorin Master repeatedly pay for the care of our students enhance the character and calmly face the dilemma of wisdom sayings . Master the beginning of the speech , first to " the dream environment " essay , dreams I wrote, directed , and acted in self- reward , you reap what you like melon, sown like a dream from the edge of the territory as independent variables ; such as sponge accept, so the growth process approach to decisions , rather than to escape adversity, are the masters of their own destiny . Then the Master explained chaste approach is that the guardian of virginity , pure noble ; or emotional loyal, loyal to the legal spouse , the purpose is to is to make yourself and others innocence, and music, elite , kindness , happiness , harmony , showing chaste life there is so much benefit . Master 's speech , citing many historical stories , filial piety is chaste character description of a ring , to carefully consider the students follow the example of the ancients filial obedience to parents , but the content of many of the Dharma , with easy to understand narration , sounds tell, so that students understand the true cause and effect is not true, in order to accumulate merit goals, not evil , and more to do good , to live a more leisurely life comfortable , do not worry about the outcome . Lecture Finally, Sorin Master as usual , leading the students back to Thanksgiving , thanks to everyone's pay , so social harmony , with sincere heart back to the heavens and the earth , bless the whole world sentient beings, wishful Antonio ! This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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