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Mom I Love You ! Asylum student activities for Mother's Day Reunion

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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To strengthen the parent-child relationship , improve educational outcomes probation , the Court handle Mother's Day phone in 2014 filial , and in May 3 , three-day holiday in the afternoon on the 4th and the 10th , for Mother's Day Family Reunion will be active , choose holiday afternoon the purpose is to let the families of students from across the country, has plenty of time , eliminating the inconvenience of the night ride . Hospital social gathering activities arranged in series with many programs , there are drums , saxophone , harmonica, ocarina , Ukulele and other music , but also dance , diabolo and other talent shows are student learning outcomes show weekdays , as well as filial feet, neck and shoulder massage , serve tea , the students presented a Mother's Day card , parent-child activities such as karaoke OK to publicize and promote filial piety Family Fun , also invited to come outside advocacy groups rehabilitative protection , crime protection, probation , child care and other small businesses , as well as handle their own restorative justice , Covenants on Human Rights , the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against women , consumer protection and advocacy , such as government ethics , social gathering activities are very rich , brilliant , all filled with warmth and joy . After the face- Family Reunion , also visited the hospital with the parents of facilities, equipment and school situations , assured parents and students look forward to positive growth and learning for the future return home community , to prepare for . Every year, the hospital handled the Spring Festival, Mother's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Family Reunion will be , I hope by social gathering activities , contact the family emotions, to relieve Acacia worry , and by the power of family support , as a student of power and re- starting the future energy. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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