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Court 38 students participate in the " National Changhua test area 103 years in education examinations ."

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court need not bear to enable the country to participate in the graduate aptitude test related to the strange looks when outside , in the Republic of 92 academic year to fight in the hospital setting test basic aptitude test examination centers in the country , due to the good results , since 99 per academic year starting in the academic year are hospital setting normality of the examination so far. 103 years in August in response to the implementation of the national religion of years , this year for the first time in the implementation of national education examinations , although the students were unfamiliar examinations , but still go all out to achieve good results . The Examination date is May 17, 18, 103 two days , the hospital a total of 15 boys and girls 23 , total 38 candidates education students on probation , a good candidate entire order. Tanaka Poon Fuk school principals and teachers to encourage candidates who also attended , especially for students in the last group test scores excellent essay impressed , positively encourage students to explore their own potential. Court Zhanyuan Zhang also hopes the students would normally develop good reading habits, their accumulated knowledge , reading , though not the only option in life , but face various tests must go all out. Make better use of teachers of the school campus student lounge of fragmented time , once again reminded the attention of the candidates matters , or to answer questions raised by the students , the candidates hope to have a good performance. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 302 Academic Division
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