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Palace Museum to copy the successful conclusion of Heritage Education Exhibition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court handled Palace Museum "see Qianlong Emperor" exhibition copy heritage education, was successfully completed May 28, 2014, together with the pre-show May 19, 2014, and a total of 10 days for the exhibition had the opportunity to host the exhibition, all School teachers and students are all delighted glory. May 19, 2014 first apply for a pre-show, the students invited to serve as cultural commentator families come to the exhibition, the students enjoying an heritage tour guide, then go through the morning of May 20 opening exhibition, visit the National Palace Museum researcher in addition to guests He Chuanxin, Director of corrective Wuxian Zhang, Changhua 郑汝芬 lawmakers also went to the site, otherwise there is the head of 15 correctional institutions and Chiayi, Changhua County Juvenile Court President, also come to participate, the main purpose, or would like to see on probation Junior education, growth and change during execution in sterile hospital auxiliary. During the exhibition, there are close to schools, institutions, organizations and local citizens participating, but also specifically in response to public interest, arrange placement agencies charitable vehicles carrying students come to watch, hoping to resources, so far to no chance weekdays to visit the National Palace Museum in Taipei students people together to join the festivities, chic romantic feelings Emperor Qianlong. The Education Fair, in addition to teachers and students of the hospital, and another 52 outside agencies and organizations participating, the total number up to 2064 people, since the hospital was founded, Executive up to the outside world, guests come to visit record. Although the exhibition has just ended, but all participating exhibitors who are full harvest, to fully appreciate the historical and cultural heritage, artistic beauty, especially students, in addition to be able to create their own works of art and cultural relics exhibition, but also served as narrator, Navigation artifacts, leading the guests and the students and faculty of mind that God will definitely be a probation richest cultural level education students soul feast. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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