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First echelon C Skills Certification hundred percent pass rate technology this year, impressive

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The unit housed students, mostly from broken families, the original should be favored, because of family dysfunction, leading to truancy, running away from home, doing nothing all day, stealing, looting, abductions, cheat, and even the use of all kinds of evil are adults, resulting in enter imprisoned. Juvenile Court in accordance with Article II secondary infertility hospital regulations: "Intelligent Life grant, 俾能 fend for themselves." The creation of technical training courses to enable students to skills acquisition, employment after discharge serve Lee. Currently the hospital opened a car repair classes, indoor wiring classes, women's hairdressing classes, cosmetology classes four categories for each class. One car repair classes, women's hairdressing classes was June 10, 2014 Results Training and Project Executive Yuan Department of Workforce Development Department of Labor Skills Certification center for C Technician Skills Certification. The skill certification exam on June 20, 2014 was successfully concluded and 44 exams, 44 passes, with a pass rate of 100%, especially thanks to the guidance teacher technology training, to train students to have such success. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 302 Academic Division
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