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June and July 2014, cultural and recreational activities, "Skipping Competition" Activities

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In late June 2014, after the closure of remedial education programs, the Court of students apply for asylum recreational activities - skipping games, in the absence of academic pressure to ease the feelings of joy, to greet the arrival of summer. Skipping this game there are three projects in the June 30 and July 4 in the morning after North Korea were held in connection. First up is the Skipping creative race, many teams fancy dazzling by skipping action, and with the senior dance melody, hope to get the referee's favor, get a high score, followed by skipping relay, each one participating students, are based on one hundred meters sprint race speed, courage, and with a rope around in rhythm, showing teeth, the mission will perseverance image, the last one is skipping around in the big game, the game is focused on the team's understanding , coordination, of course, but also strength, endurance, students jump at the edge, on the sidelines ever heard the sound encouraging, motivating students to persist in the end, for the class struggle supreme honor for himself. After the game, forthwith award, the President will award prizes to the hands when students, alumni students can see the pride and excitement of expression, and encouragement of the students fighting spirit. Summer sun shine student enthusiasm, the impression the game when, slowly fades. This event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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