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Court harmonica classes were invited to Taichung Women's Prison Expansion Project inauguration performances

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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On July 18, 2014 Japan Academy of harmonica classes invited to participate in Taichung Women's Prison Expansion Project inauguration Culinary Exhibition cum arts performances and other activities, I feel the glory. Harmonica Ban was founded in March 2013, at the Ministry of Justice Chen Ci long assistance to obtain Yongrui Foundation charity donations, purchase polyphonic harmonica, melodica, chord, copper angle range of different types and harmonica, the Court expressing deep Minister of Italy thanks. The subsequent contributions by foundations and Xing Yi Puren Foundation, the purchase of Bass, OTC harmonica and bamboo piano, harmonica class makes broader beautiful timbre, the instructor - Mr. Chen Facheng, currently serves as the island Harmonica Orchestra, also in Taichung City China Kouqin She governing, guiding many schools participate in national competitions, are obtaining excellent results. Students each class, all in a positive mood and looking happy to learn, so tremendously, in less than a year, he received the National Student Music Competition finals 2013 school year - the first country in the group's harmonica ensemble success. Hospital performance repertoire is "thankful heart" and "girl waving wings," two songs that mixed the suite, as well as "yearning of the people," and so on, through the song's mood and melody, thank teachers for their support also want to tell mom and Dad far away, we will carefully study, do not hang heart. In addition, the Director has always been very concerned at the juvenile correctional institutions housed students encounter and growth, students in this year's March 6 won "National Student Music Competition" in the district finals at first, more specifically to visit Changhua juvenile reform school encourages students, field and had an impromptu harmonica playing the first few songs, amazed! students to take this opportunity to cordially invite the Commissioner and the president of the court came to the ensemble, so that the participants of the Executive and all guests enjoy superb skills such as listening to the sounds of nature and tone. Future hospital harmonica classes will study harder to return the support of the community, help and care, thanks Executive again, guests and all the teachers.   The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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