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Court held in 2014 drug-drug classes 2nd Family Day activities

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Court FY2014 2nd class handling drug detoxification Family Day activities in the afternoon of July 11 handle. The choice of activities in the afternoon, is to let the families of students from across the country, to have plenty of traffic round-trip time, and work together to kick the habit. The first stage of the Family Day event is to play the movie, describes the course of adolescent drug exposure, some of which comes from the family discord, as well as neglect of communication between parents and children, caused by alienation, indifference, so that young people outside seeking solace, watching the film and then by a clinical psychologist Changhua hospital health and Welfare Ministry to real data, information, tell the families and students taking drugs in endless trouble. The second stage is the family relationship repair group activities, by class teachers to guide students to interact with their families, chemical control grudges with each other. The third stage is family counseling activities to psychologist and instructor led classes, interpretation faith, respect, acceptance and other positive means of communication. The fourth stage is the knowledge of health education advocacy, and then commentary by a clinical psychologist, offers families and students get the help of drug-related information, the final stage, then led the family to visit the hospital courtyard area, so that the families of the learning experience of students in the hospital situation. Family Day activities each handle, the families of the students who have some valuable feedback, also thanked the hospital to provide such a diverse learning courses, but the hearts of the most hope, expect students to return home after all, and truly get rid of the addiction, find direction in life, so that all the friends and relatives caring teachers, can rest assured. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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