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Court apply "business contacts Juvenile Correction Education Conference"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Court apply "business contacts Juvenile Correction Education Conference" To show the results of the implementation of the Court Juvenile Correction education, the implementation status report on business, and with the Court (Director) probation forum, ask questions and discuss the current situation by making into the act, reflecting the hospital where the current predicament, mutual exchange, made consensus for asylum consideration the best interests of the juvenile and effort, especially in 103 years on August 14 morning, the first ever "business contacts juvenile Correction Education Conference" at the hospital. In addition to participating in the guest probation (Survey protection officer) from across the local juvenile court probation officer or director, but also invited the three juvenile correctional institutions contractor personnel or Executive meeting, another correction, head of the Department of enlightenment LES Xu Jin specially marked guidance. The first stage, the student talent show performed sequentially for Taiko welcome, melodious saxophone, healthy aerobic boxing, ocarina and Ukulele Ensemble, six Aboriginal 山地舞 and harmonica light-ming, etc., the students put hard weekday learning outcomes demonstrated in front of the person probation, probation officer also affirmed the applause continued. The second phase consists of hospital discipline department for business presentations, new revenue from student homes, living and education at the event, assessment class operation, preparation and health department services, etc. before discharge to strip-column report highlights that attendees at a glance understand the status of implementation of the present case, the third stage of topics discussed, covering skills training, life management, career development, resource links, etc. in the hospital learning phase, discussed social adaptation after discharge, school transfer title, but also discuss bullying, illegal such as assessment, disabilities and other special students at the event, counseling and management, and the other for students nominated regulations aging, ruled sealing treatment was served and special book class files, also made an exchange of views, showing probation people except very concerned about the students each the level of living and learning conditions, but extends noticed was discharged after school, on the arrangements for raising and employment. In addition to the Presidency after the meeting to thank attendees of suggestions, but also look forward to future opportunities for business contacts are held annually, together for the future of the juvenile reformatory education positive development cooperation efforts. The event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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