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Chiayi County Ede grow Buddhist Temple summer camp

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Continuation after the winter break, the Court further cooperation with Temple in Chiayi County Ede August 6, three days August 7 and August 8, etc., for the Buddhist summer camp activities grow, want to let the hospital asylum student body and mind settle , of ruffles is cool. When the school year begins style opening, in addition to being president of Temple 谢义德 As in previous years, for the Buddhist summer vacation camp activities, but also to remind the students, the process of activity, the first weight to abide by the rules, to concentrate on learning, so to get the reward, an increase of wisdom. Content Buddhist camp activities grew very rich, on the first day there 吴耿良 teacher lectures, workshops for helping to happiness in this - on the road to my volunteer service, is Sorin Master Wu brother, the same as the Master humorous conversation of Room full of compassion. Wu Guang Yuan third teacher invited lecture entitled speak good upwind flight, so that students know that in life there is adversity, but adversity is the conservation thrive, learn patience nutrients, rather than lament an excuse to escape, Wu offers many exciting movie, with a real story to tell students how to transform frustration, sarcasm, also collected a lot of classic quotes, words of Wisdom, guide students to the refinement picky tastes better in the wind in the head lifted. Buddhist camp there are other activities such as: a model of group discussion in Suxi, the Buddha's life, the story of the Buddha, the doctrine of good language, Dhammapada auspicious items, vegetarian meal snacks, Treatise Industry Road through effect, etc., the entire activities very full, Three days off, the students all cheeky joy, benefited. During the Buddhist camp, the students are vegetarian, for fear of the students does not taste, specially hired chefs grace to come help for cooking vegetarian restaurant, some increase in the dishes, but we ate with relish, praise, three days Buddhist camp, washing considered vulgar, but also to physically and mentally fresh and healthy. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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