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July 2014 recreational activities "basketball game" activities

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During the summer in order to allow students to continue to learn, but also to exercise to keep fit, enjoy the fun of music than in July and early August, divided into three days schedule, handling cultural and recreational activities - basketball competitions, this competition project ︰ have "shipped ball layup relay "," 3 on 3 basketball tournament bullfighting "," fixed-point shooting contest, "and so on three. First, the approach of the project is "dribble layup relay race", respectively, by the boys class of 15 people, 10 were girls classes, each consisting of a team, dribbling a basketball court in the backcourt to the front bottom outer rim after scoring a layup, after then dribble to the basket after the field goal, before the completion of a person, the shortest time, to win the class, followed by a "fixed-point shooting contest," points system adopted in this race, class three people, each cast 15 balls, in the free-throw line, dropped the most in the total for the winning basket by the third term is "3 on 3 basketball tournament bullfighting," Officials are held by Jane basketball talent class teachers and hospital Yangzong Min any good mentor, two referees fair and impartial law enforcement, and professionalism of both, so the race to fill the gap, there is no violent atmosphere. Basketball is one of the items the hospital sports talent, in addition to softball, dance, diabolo, boxing, fitness training and so on, so on-campus students can be seen at any time in the sports arena playing, running, exercise fitness , workout figure, full of young and healthy, and vibrant atmosphere atmosphere. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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