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Elementary school teachers gain expertise in credit classes can come visit Chiayi University

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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August 13, 2014 in the afternoon, National Chiayi University, Ministry of Education commissioned accept "elementary school teachers can gain expertise in credit classes," one of them "student affairs and counseling discipline" curriculum needs, specifically apply to the hospital to visit to learn about hospital characteristics, as a teaching reference, showing elementary school teachers who are teaching situation urgently want to know this hospital. Led by Professor Chen Meirong, visiting staff from the south-central and eastern school teachers, there is a new Thai small Tainan, Nantou County, Zhangzhou and the country is small, Yunlin County, Chaoyang, Tapei, Town, Douliu, Kwong Hing, deer and other small countries, Chiayi County, Datong, Wenchang, Chuk Yuen, the pond, the new South, Sinpi, Fuller, Daelim, and other countries Minxiong small, Changhua County deer East Elementary School, Taitung Qing small, Hualien County after Yu small and medium-country Chiayi county a total of 27 people, this discipline by the hospital chief of navigation commentary, before entering the ring protected areas, first to inform guests enter the precautions to be observed in correctional institutions and custody related items , then one by one into the guard and the region, visiting field has an interview room, health science, sports, boys and girls department classrooms, cooking courses, technical training area, etc., but also to watch during the summer teaching, counseling students to practice the course content and talent training skills circumstances, the hospital district to visit after the talks, the teachers of the hospital's facilities program, students' background to CKS Hall to watch the hospital shooting micro film "brilliant phoenix", then presided over by the president of the court forum , have a great interest in learning situation, constantly ask questions, Dean also solve the problem, or designee reply personally answer, I hope to be helpful to teachers, to come and assist students with special circumstances like. Welcome to the national schools at all levels to be able to visit the hospital, so the hospital to perform more in line with social expectations reformatory education, with the times. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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