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Xing Yi Hospital Foundation hand-held moral learning and growing camp

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to allow students to have a variety of summer courses, experience the rich intellectual life and reach more benevolent fellow, sterile hospital auxiliary specially organized the first ever "moral learning and growing business activities," the theme: correct outlook on life. The opening ceremony, the president of Xing Yi pointed out that the Foundation is not only a long-term character education curriculum to teach our students, and donated funds to help educate and medical activities, so the students were able to enhance the removal of tattoos and other programs and talent, especially prior to the commencement of the event by express gratitude intended. This activity instructors have 30 much, Xing Yi Foundation are made from northern, central and southern areas of the assigned selection, especially among teachers pass a number of points division, making this activity in Shan-muk sitting in everywhere affinity and Sheshou full force, both warm and France filled with joy. The first start of the course offerings, prayers deities protecting the heavens, so that the activities carried out smoothly, the students can Purifying the mind, peace of mind teachable. Followed by growth groups, from teachers in each class on the service life, cherish life, beautify various topics connotation of life and wisdom of life and so on. After the group discussions and experience sharing, and guide students to understand each one precious life abundant, and understanding the contributions paid and the joy to meet. Finally, the course is taught choral inspirational songs, will learn that day received by singing conduction, whirl Huan linger, resident heart. Growing camp just two days, but the students seem to comprehend the past life karma, amazed. During the growth of the business, Xing Yi Foundation also called for 16 volunteers to assist especially for cooking, fresh sweet taste tasty vegetarian bring, providing students and faculty new taste buds, memorable, and let your body feel no burden light pleasure. Soon, too soon, everyone realized that the original real food, no meat and vegetables of the points. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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