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2014 Mid-Year Reunion accommodating student activities

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To strengthen the parent-child relationship, improve educational outcomes probation, the Court in the Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of, respectively, in September 1, 2 and 3 pm JCP three days, combined with the Taiwan Foundation Changhua branch Care Association, Crime Victims Protection Association Changhua Branch Changhua County honors probation Association, Changhua County Child and Youth care Association Family Reunion handle student activities, in addition to parents of students who gathered, but also understand that there are many groups are willing to lend a helping hand in the community, to assist our students in the future growth and change. From 13:30 pm onwards, students will continue into the hospital family Family Reunion venue, event started, first class students talent show, so parents can be seen here learning outcomes. Then after Changhua branch Care Association, Crime Victims Protection Association branch in Changhua, Changhua County honors probation Association etc. are also performances, propaganda and related business advisory services, social workers, Taichung City ZHANG Xiu-ju Foundation, also set up specifically for membership in Taichung students and parents to inform future students after discharge, to assist their career development. Another hospital also broadcast propaganda and honest government can push the government, anti-bribery and other video tapes discs, commentary, "Elimination of Discrimination against Women," and "Civil and Political Rights" and other two conventions, "the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural", etc. content, so that we can know the various efforts of the government to protect people's rights, and integration with the international community made​​. Each class instructors, it is shuttling between parents, constantly communicate with, discuss, so that parents know their children's lives in the hospital, learning and friends and other circumstances, I hope common supervise student growth and progress. Mid-Family Reunion activities, in between the students and parents reluctant to end the situation under each other a treasure. The event handling units and Tel: 04-8742111 ext 403 Discipline Branch
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