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Ede Temple Dhamma School girls department Opening Ceremony

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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To allow students to understand the Dharma Girls Ministry argumentation, develop positive thinking, and inspire the wisdom of life, stable mood, especially the establishment of the Dhamma School in girls classes, so the hospital while male and female students in class has taught Dhamma School. Courses Dhamma School girls Ministry has Buddhism in English, Buddhist summary, incentive programs, group discussions, Buddhism summary, moving brains, chanting, Buddha Meditation, Three Refuges Five Precepts, etc., by teaching courses, allowing students to understand the Buddhist compassion pregnant birth spirit, but also to follow the teaching of the Master line cite as correct instrument demeanor during the semester, students learn the log records, each marking by the instructor to guide the concept, and when the semester ends, conduct quizzes and final exam in order to enhance memory, and awards in the final graduation ceremony, gift better test scores and students learn the spirit of good prizes and awards scholarships to encouragement. President of the court when the girls come in Dhamma School Department of the opening ceremony live, full participation, so that teachers and students here feel important teaching and learning, a sense of 谢义德 Temple Master who pay again when the president speech, bringing great for our students wisdom blessing, students can also expect to study hard, into the Baoshan, rewarding experience. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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