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The Catholic Foundation for the elderly with dementia, "the grandparents Arts Troupe" performances here

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September 30, 2014 afternoon, the Catholic Foundation for the elderly with dementia, "the grandparents Arts Troupe" come to the hospital performances. The performances of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Advocacy aging spiritual vitality, Chung Yeung Festival to celebrate the 2014 annual series of events, the host is longtime charity volunteer artists - which served as Miss Chen Shuli, presided over profound skill, fun, always possible audience to attract the attention of the students come on stage, this time performing the grandparents who are through selection methods, which explore the physical and mental health, positive image, talented, and the old man with the contribution of the community, everyone has one talent , always brilliant exquisite, exciting performances to the audience, performing content Laisan Yi Kung gyro and turn to play basketball, taekwondo Tsai four knot grandpa, grandpa's Dazui applied toward raising ancient, Benny Chan et al Tim grandparents and tai chi fan Wu 敏阿 male playing shows, such as, in particular, the impressive, each man, all smiling, energetic, showing unyielding, against the old attitude towards learning, the teacher let the students here in the audience, exclaimed again and again , envy. The grandparents have been performing on stage more than 70 years old, but who do not see fatigue tired state, his face is always radiant, radiant, so the spirit of diligence that our students the best learning model. The event handling units and telephone: Discipline Division 886-04-8742111 ext 403
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