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October 2014 cultural and recreational activities, "Walk of Fame" OK karaoke singing contest

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In order to explore the students singing talent show to raise students' interest in learning and training typhoon diverse student came to power, the courage deportment and presentation skills, and to promote teacher-student friendship, interaction, entertaining, to be held the afternoon of October 28 Teachers and Students "Walk of Fame" OK karaoke singing contest finals. Game mode, first by the three groups of students in a class on their own primaries, a total of 45 groups participated in the preliminary round, and then enter the final selection of 15 groups. A special feature is that the activities Handicap prison inmates, to join the game, so people can be accommodated into the finals, are a moment of choice, in addition to distributing personal charisma, the tone and technique must have been superior. Another teacher group game, the focus is the audience, not just endless applause, cheers and loud humming even pass the entire scene, lingering, visible teachers sing, do not lose the skill of the students. The whole game, all of the students felt singing skills, interpretation of the lyrics of the mood and intentions lay eyes focused, more commendable is that the stage of the audience, the stage continues to inspire singers, exclaimed and cheering as Ray filling our ears, loud clap their hands hanging by a thread. After the game, taking advantage of the statistical fractional time, hold birthday celebration, by the presence of all the teachers and students who was born in October of 43 students sang Happy Birthday. After the scores were announced, although the front rank of the points, but not much different scores, strength between par. Students mutual appointment, the next game, is also scheduled to take the best side show. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext 403 discipline Branch
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