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Tiger Taiko Taiko Taiwan to participate in the Fifth National Youth Competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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October 11, 2014 morning, the Court tiger Taiko group of students to participate in the Fifth National Youth Competition Taiwan Taiwan Taiko Taiko Association organized venue for Yuanlin Auditorium. When the hospital was established Taiko classes, namely the ability to buy all kinds of outside donations Taiko instruments, before it further training and learning, to enhance the game by, this year will also cooperate with the rehabilitation protect Changhua branch, funded teaching hospital hourly fee, so that the hospital can recruit excellent teachers do their best efforts to lead our students, experience the drumming rhythm when ordered, shake the level of beauty of the soul. Another student in the preparation of the game, devotion, emanating looked focused, spirit of hard work, even Pipoxueliu, bear thick cocoon, but also no compromise compromise meaning, quite touching, which is Court of Hanyu within a desired student learning motivation. The total of 21 teams participated in the competition team are all taiko groups from across the country, as well as special performances last year, the first group Intertek and Japanese Taiko drum group's sound, but also have time to study for several years, no wonder the whole game, full of smooth, pleasant and passionate atmosphere, without the slightest delay, jerky. Look forward to each year's game, can make the hospital every participating student, struggling to show progress in the competition spirit. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext 403 discipline Branch
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