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Court harmonica class students won the national music competition, Changhua County, the first preliminary round

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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On December 9, 2014 Japan Academy music talent harmonica class students, to participate in the 103 South Guo small annual National Student Music Competition preliminaries Changhua County, which is the hospital harmonica class talent to participate in the second annual event, 102 year our students brave States won group 1, this year's high school enrollment is more challenging levels across the group, but also live up to expectations, won one of the first harmonica ensemble award. Hospital female harmonica class was established in March 2013, France invited Chen Cheng-hand homes teacher taught, beginning only a handful of C harmonica per person, Puren after donor funding through foundations, foundations and Xing Yi Yongrui Foundation succession purchase a chord harmonica, melodica, harmonica and bass bASS copper tenor horn harmonica, harmonica orchestra begins with a bit of scale. Most of our students for temperament ignorance until harmonica talent after attending classes began contacting harmonica, learning musical instruments, in addition to simple interest, but also have the enthusiasm, hard work perseverance, as well as multi-party assistance, can be transformed into moving tone, entertain themselves, and even music to teach and mold their minds, feelings of artistic beauty rhyme. The tournament harmonica class students nationwide student group Changhua County High School Music Competition preliminaries harmonica ensemble first one, back to the hospital after the results of the competition, the students and faculty are all inspired, share the glory. Expected in March 2015 on behalf of Changhua County will participate in the national finals, although the intensity of the game even more preliminaries, but our students will uphold the spirit of the tiger kid afraid to meet tougher challenge. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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