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2015 substitute services draftees reported charity care activities

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In response to the Court of Justice National Conscription Agency and the Department of Correction keen to promote a "substitute services draftees public service plan", especially on the occasion of the end of the year 2015 show strong draftees to serve the community and hospital care for the disadvantaged big love the spirit of the hospital all draftees, the period of their enthusiastic participation in charitable activities the most exciting moment in the life course is the most valuable one, this series of exciting activities namely "alternative service men and Ram Tim love to send New Year's dinner, "" Grandma and Grandpa help care home environment clean "and" children grow Academy winter camp "and other activities, everyone involved with the activities of draftees are enthusiastic, passionate care for the disadvantaged and to fully utilize the services of the community. First, a caring community activities in the town of calm after Tanaka ri Chen abyss enthusiastic matchmaking total three cases, the Court on January 15, 2015, on the 16th enthusiastically launched "Battle of Chang Fu Qi Chuan love heart ˙ community ˙ Ram Tim love send New Year's dinner "activities, objects are all hard to take care of elderly people living alone, 5 draftee involvement of the day to help clean, tidy and presented New Year's dinner and daily necessities (such as rice, noodles, canned food, dry food , toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), in order to form the concern and care, food and clothing allowed to have a good year, and when they learned that the elderly person for hospital services draftees, are welcome to express joy, the hospital afterwards to share old draftee at the event were the talk, which dealt with childless, widowed and other circumstances, so draftees felt mixed emotions, mixed feelings, draftees who are deeply fortunate to be able to participate in the care activities, especially in the process of cleaning seeing the smile on the grandparents feel even more full of energy, full of enthusiasm. Followed by the Court on January 26, 2015 launch, "Chang Fu Qi Chuan labor of love heart ˙ community - and help the grandparents caring home environment clean" campaign, this activity increased from Chen enthusiastic participation in long, matchmaking 2 a case, the case of the main difficulties for community action and hard to take care of themselves in the old people's lives, the Court take the opportunity to visit these cases draftee home finishing surroundings, greetings and gifts donated to the New Year, full of draftees elder care services love the community spirit. Among these was the elderly living alone in a car accident leads to blindness in both eyes due to lack of care for their loved ones, so even the meals are required to hand delivery, in order to maintain life, draftees participation face the brutal facts are feeling disconsolate, and for to engage in charity, to help others, but also to their re-experience the value of life and beauty. Hospital for academic tutoring disadvantaged children, and during the winter it can have a normal leisure pipeline, especially in 2015 February 4 to February 5 for children who "Taiwan rehabilitated child protection will Changhua Academy" held "Chang Fu Qi battle heart ˙ children Yuan Chuan warmth - winter growing camp "activities, which aim Lord for guidance of the Court schoolchildren schoolwork, but also help to learn self-affirmation, mutual respect and understanding of the value of life, so that children get to grow at the event and happiness. The total of seven cases in counseling children, mostly low-income families, children, single parents, Grandparents or expatriate family's next generation of economic weakness. Activities quite wonderful, except for groups, individual tutoring, but also arrangements for group recreational activities, movie-viewing (Frozen), fun activities (eg cattle devil, dwarves mine, than hand draw feet, super comparison and storytellers ), which also carried out together with the school basketball competition, from schoolchildren to feel pleasure in the eyes of all the "big brother" of their enthusiasm and vitality, activity during the school children are serious and lively study found that these children has not been born poverty and feel inferior, but rather enjoy spending time together. One of the children when they say goodbye draftee, dismay and even shed a tear, so the participation of eight draftees hearts feel very pleased. Learn more activities for draftee serving joy and caring school community and look forward to the future draftees inspire enthusiasm for public service to 达敦 good neighbor, care for the vulnerable, caring for children, big love, the spirit of community service. This activity handling units and Phone: 886-04-8742111 ext discipline Section 403
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